Here are a few things about me.

My name´s Michaela Casillo Horak. On the first place I´m a mom.

 Half of my heart belongs to my son and my family and in the rest of my heart

 I´m a photographer and artist.

I love photography and I try to tell untold stories through the pictures.

It is a blessing for me to be able to capture the great moments in peoples lives and learn something new every day.

I believe in the power of visuals.

Thank you for visiting.


My life started in the Czech Republic, in 19.. (I'd rather not write it).

After college, around 2000 (more less) I did everything possible and appropriate.

Lately I moved to London. ( For my parents, it was luck ).

I started to study photography: Edexcel Level 3 BTEC National Certificate, in the South Thames College, London. 

Subjects include:

* Drawing Development

* Historical and Contextual Understanding

* Materials, Techniques and Processes

* Ideas and Concepts

* Visual Communications

* Art and Design Exploration and Application

* Darkroom and Studio Techniques

* Digital Imaging and Image Manipulation

* Computer Applications

Photographer experience 

                                             * Photo Exhibition - "VENICE carnival through the eyes of a                                                                            foreigner" - Madrid - Alcalalá de Henares, Spain

                                             * Photo Exhibition -  "Celebración tradicional en Semana Santa"                                                                                   Madrid - Alcalá de Henares, Spain

                                            * Art Exhibition - "SEMPLICEMENTE" - Thiene, Italy

                                         I joined  art exhibition with the well-known painter and artist Eva                                                                                                                                                Trentin

                                            * Art Exhibition - "Periodo d'oro" - Marano Vicentino, Italy